Asia Agile Academy provides a variety of training courses to help your company implement the right agile mindset. Our courses range from beginners to agile experts. We have standard courses to provide and they can also be tailored according to specific training requirements.

Our Beginner/advanced training is focused on learning about the importance of Agile. What is the Agile mindset? What are the benefits of Agile? Learn the core values and principles. What Agile best practices are there? How does Agile make your company customer-focused, and how it makes it successfully efficient?

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This training is specifically designed for delivery to all members of companies who have an involvement in the development of software, systems, processes, and products. Be more effective, more customer minded and achieve a higher success rate of your projects.

Comes with:

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the values and principles of Agile
  • To understand the benefits of Agile
  • To understand the core of Agile best practices
  • To understand the key roles of Agile
  • To understand the challenges in Agile
Program (3 Hours or 6 hours):
  • Agile mindset and the benefits – The core of Agile
  • MVP Thinking – Early value delivery
  • Introduction of Kanban, Scrum and Design sprints
  • Challenges of Agile Development
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The AMC program is developed to anticipate on the growing demand for Agile transformation expected for (large) Asian companies. By training Agile professionals now, the candidates will learn all the basic and advanced skills that are required to be of value.

Comes with:

Course Objectives:
  • Understand Agile principles and values
  • Learn how to lead Agile teams and projects
  • Develop an understanding of Scrum fundamentals
  • Identify the benefits of Agile transformation
  • Learn how to implement Agile in a corporate environment
Program (2 days):
The program consists of four modules: 
  • Agile Awareness: Participants will gain an understanding of the Agile principles and values.
  • Agile Leadership: Participants will learn how to lead Agile projects and teams.
  • Scrum Fundamentals: Participants will gain an understanding of Scrum fundamentals.
  • Implementation: Participants will learn how to implement Agile in a corporate environment.
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